So, our little Kickstarter project reached it’s goal TWICE OVER. IN 2 DAYS. Amazing. I’m overwhelmed at the response and can’t wait to start drawing it. I won’t let you guys down. Greg is busy adding perks and target bonuses so please keep your eye on the site.

In other news, after about 2 years of doing nothing but layouts for publishers, I’ve taken a break from that to actually draw things. I know. Shocking. There are a few things that will be announced soon but, in the meantime, something personal and still very raw to show you.


Trying to utilize what I learned during my webcomic days and the architecture around my place. I’ve always felt my backgrounds stink so it’s been a good way to brush up on that. This will eventually become part of a series of images to tell a short story but I’m still pondering and working out the details.


5:05 am

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Hey Tak,
I’ve always been a fan of your work, but your recent stuff is pretty damn amazing.
It’s awesome to see that you’ve kept pushing to hone your craft and your art.
I love how much life you’ve managed to convey here with such deft strokes.

Thanks for the kind comments, man. Much appreciated!

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