Stoked!! My first tankobon has been printed and I hold it in my hands. I’ve been told the street date is this Saturday, February the 26th. If you’re in Japan, buy it! Feed me!


4:13 pm

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Dude! If I had access I would buy it. That’s awesome!

That’s awesome dude! Congrats!

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Congrat! Tak! Do you accept online orders? I mean, seriously, do you? I will send payment if you let me know how you want it! =) I’d like two copies; please autograph them! =)

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Don – Thanks for the support, man!

Karien – Thank you!

Ming – Sorry, man. Not at the moment. I’ll see how many copies I get and get back to you tho!

Hey duder. If you do get extra copies that you want to part with put me on the list. Just tell me how much and where to send the dough to.

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