Sorry for the absence! I’ve been hard at work on Code Monkey Save World and preparing for Comitia 106 that I haven’t had a chance to update here much. Comitia on Sunday was great. It was really nice to be behind a table again shaking hands and seeing friends. Although, selling books directly to customers was a very new and, at times, stressful experience but one I aim to do again in February for the next con. Hopefully with a sequel to my doujinshi Hellspawn Madoka.

Speaking of which, I’ve had lots of interest from overseas friends and fans about acquiring the book, so I will be taking orders through PayPal. I’ve priced them at $10 USD/CAD in order to cover shipping costs and I will sign every copy. The book includes 19 pages of art, sequenced into a loose story with an extra afterword page and a cover for a total of 24 pages. So, if you are interested, please PayPal $10 to <> and provide a mailing address. I will be shipping via airmail so you should receive them in 3-6 business days.

Some preview pages:


madokamihon004 madokamihon005

For people in Japan, please stay tuned. I am currently trying to get them into doujinshi stores.

Thank you and I will try to post more often!


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I gotsa get me a couple of these! PayPal is on the way… Great looking stuff Tak.

Don – Just realized you posted. My bad. Thanks for the support!

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